Sweet Baby A

I just loved meeting this sweet little girl for her newborn session at 9 days new.  Her momma is a good friend of mine and I was just tickled to capture these precious new memories of her little girl.  This little lady gave me a run for my money and made me work for every.single.shot!

The flow of newborn sessions is up to the baby and their schedule entirely.  Little baby A certainly exercised that right.  She wanted to eat every hour and just learned the new skill of pooping–a lot!  I was blown away at just how much neck control this girl had for her age.  She looks more like a 3 month old in one of the shots, so wide awake, alert and looking around!  Little miss also established that nudity simply was not her thing as you will notice with the lack of naked baby photos.

I think my favorite moment of the day was when we were finally able to get this little one to relax and fall asleep.  She pooped, we changed her, got her into a good deep sleep and took off her diaper–and she pooped again 5 minutes later.  Her poppa, a first time daddy freaked out!  He had officially been initiated, though we all know that was only a first and not a last.

All in all I am thrilled with the way these turned out and really enjoyed spending time with these fine folks all day.